Alle Solardaten schweizweit zu den Dachflächen inklusive Geometrien und Statistiken.

GET  /api/roofs  -  Gets all roofs

This operation returns a list of roofs. You can apply a filter using fieldnames in the query string, e.g '?id=1520’. The following operators are available: [lt]=less than, [gt]=greater than, [le]=less equal, [ge]=greater equal, [ne]=not equal, [in]=within array (use syntax 1,2,4), [contains]=substring: e.g. /api/roofs?name=[contains]ad&id=[gt]5. You can also set multiple filters on one attribute using ‘:’ for logical ‘and’ or ‘|’ for logical ‘or’ as delimiter: e.g. /api/roofs?id=[gt]5:[lt]10


buildingidsep (query)

ids of the buildings to select (comma-separated list of integers using the syntax shown). You can apply additional or other filters as shown above.

sort (query)

sort by fields (delimiter ‘,’ - use '-' prefix for descending order)

fields (query)

select fields with wildcards (delimiter ‘,’)

apikey (query)

master key for api access

Authorization (header)

Basic Authentication string or Bearer token


Response content type                       



The list of roofs

Integrationsbeispiel Solarpotenzial

Das Integrationsbeispiel zeigt auf, wie Sie Ihre Webseite mit der Abfrage des Solarpotenzials mit aktuellen Adressen und Solardaten aus SEP ausstatten können. Kontaktieren Sie uns für Ihren persönlichen Zugang zur API (Token).

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