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Know where your cleantech products and services are bought.

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Information and tools for planning and realising at every location.

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Receive information about every event in the Swiss building stock.

Discover opportunities with



Find out where your cleantech products and services are bought. With Swiss Energy Planning you exploit your market potential in a digital, collaborativ, and efficient way.

MarketSense adapts itself to your offering and finds the relevant locations for a sale. Get opportunities from our comprehensive and daily updated 

data pool. Optimise your campaigns and minimise wastage. In the future with SEP you focus on the most promising doors.


Realise projects with the

Energy Simulation

With the energy simulation by Swiss Energy Planning you always get to know the best solution for a certain location. Answer the most complex questions of your clients with your expertise and our tool. Fast, simple, and at every location. 

By using already integrated data and your input of location specific data SEP creates a comprehensive analysis of a building and acts as a decision-making foundation. 


Stay informed with


Keep an eye on buildings and regions which you are interested in. Monitoring of buiding stocks becomes digital and easy. You receive notifications as soon as relevant events happen. 

Save "My Places" and activate notifications in order to stay informed and recognise the most meaningful timings for renovations, the potential of collaborative projects with neighbours, investment opportunities at new developed adresses, and many more use cases. You will be at the right place at the right time thanks to ImmoSense by Swiss Energy Planning.

SEP users are able to track the whole life cycle of a building. New adresses, project plannings, starts of constructions and completions, first-time occupancies of companies, new and liquidated companies, conversions, restructuring, as well as demolitions of buildings are updated daily on the platform.


Our Approach

By making the latest infrastructure data from various sources available on one platform, we facilitate a fast and straightforward recognition and exploitation of synergies and potentials on building and district level. We want to give the actors and decision makers of the energy transition all the tools and information needed in order to master the challenges of the transformation process towards a sustainable energy supply.

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